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CSG Data Networks, Inc.

CSG Data Networks was formed in 2000 to meet the increasing need for outsourced network design, software development, design and integration of multi-band wireless systems and IT consulting. The company is headquartered in Central Florida and has grown to having customers throughout the Eastern United States. Our employees possess a wide range of training and skills. Most are engineers or certified technicians in computer, RF, networking, and/or video disciplines.

We are a leader in network design and construction of wireless networks. We have designed and built some of the largest ubiquitous coverage municipal wireless networks in the east, ranging in size from over fifty square miles to less than one square mile. We designed and deployed a citywide wireless network in Mississippi to help eliminate the digital divide that was, in part, causing a High School dropout rate of over 28%. That city provides free wireless Internet to all homes as well as laptops for its high school students. Our projects cover a wide range of disciplines, from RF applications, video surveillance, voice over IP (VoIP), to large scale network design primarily in the wireless domain.

CSG has designed and deployed several wireless networks for data back-haul for Smart Grid deployments. Additionally, we have provided the installation of Smart Grid equipment to include providing and installing poles and towers.