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CSG Data Networks - Projects

Rock Hill, SC Municipal Wi-Fi Network

Consulting Services Group (CSG Data), a leading wireless network integrator and Tropos Networks, the market leader for metro-scale wireless mesh network systems, announced that the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina, has contracted with CSG Data Networks to provide the largest municipal wireless network in the southeast. Tropos MetroMesh was selected by CSG to supply the wireless routers for the project. The city-owned and operated network will enable Rock Hill to improve public safety, utility and public worker efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs, thereby improving customer services.

Lafayette Utilities System

CSG Data Networks, a leader in network design and implementation of large scale wireless deployments and Tropos Networks, market leader in metro-scale wireless mesh networks, today announced that their solution has been selected by the Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) for the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Lafayette Utilities System or LUS is deploying the system to enable mobile utility workers to operate more efficiently, reduce cost and improve customer experience for citywide services such as electric, water, wastewater, telecommunications and other wholesale services.

Amory, Mississippi

AmoryNet is the first metro-scale Wi-Fi network whose construction and operation is entirely funded by a private foundation. The residents of Amory now have access to the network, free of charge, with easy access from schools, homes, businesses, and virtually anywhere around town.

Smart Grid Projects

CSG was selected to design and install "turn-key" wireless networks and/or provide installation services for Data Collection equipment in the following municipalities:

Rosenberg, TX
Enid, OK
Laredo, TX
Bay City, TX
Snyder, TX
Baker, LA
Clermont, FL
Hewitt, TX
Charleston, SC
San Angelo, TX
Pompano Beach, FL