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  • System Operating Margin (SOM) - Calculates the system operating margin which is the difference between the signal a radio is actually receiving versus what is needed for good data recovery.
  • Free Space Loss - Calculates the free space loss which is the transmission loss between two antennas.
  • Downtilt Coverage Radius - Provides the downtilt coverage radius by taking half of the beamwidth in each direction of the downtilt angle from the height of the antenna.
  • Antenna Downtilt - Calculates the distance or tilt angle by providing the base height, remote height and either title angle or distance.
  • Fresnel Clearance Zone - Calculates the radius of the fresnel zone at its widest point as well as 20% blockage by providing the distance and frequency.
  • milliWatts vs. dBm - Converts milliWatts to dBm and dBm to Watts.

Note: The final value represents a first order approximation and should only be used as a guide. No guarantees or warranties are implied accordingly.